Marfa Journal queried favorite model Helena Severin 69 times over the 1,112 kilometers between Paris and Berlin and back again. They stopped along the way for a red leather photo shoot and we have the exclusive access here.

Note from the Marfa Team:

Helena Severin 69-style... She’s a Saint Laurent favourite, and our covergirl—and beyond lovely. We went on a road trip with her and asked her 69 questions. [Here are] the pics that were never published. We did two things with her for the mag: Berlin/Lake story and sexy red leather 69 story. U get the 69, lol.

First we became friends on Instagram. Then we bumped into each other at a dinner party. Eventually we went on an adventure together—from Paris to Berlin and back. We were missing a ROAD TRIP in issue #3, and Helena Saverin was the perfect companion for it.

We ate wieners and drank club-mate. Helena is Austrian—practically a professional when it comes to sausage. She speaks German which came in handy. Helena just graduated from high school and enrolled in an online course. She is EDUCATING HERSELF.

Would you say you are violent?


Are you reading anything right now?
Yes. “Historien om IKEA” by Ingvar Kamprad, Mr. Ikea himself. Quite embarrassing, but it shows how much I love IKEA.


Do you sleep naked or wearing pajamas?
I sleep in my MARFA JOURNAL T-shirt.


What are your thoughts on Jesus?
Jesus Christ.


Is it okay to be commercial?
Of course. I’d rather not be though.


What’s sexy?
An intelligent mind.


What’s the best midnight snack?
Candy floss, I think. Even though I never really had it at midnight.


What are your thoughts on facial hair?
I think it looks better on boys than on girls.


What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
Brush my teeth.


When was the last time someone flirted with you?


When did you last see your parents?
Today, actually.


Do you trust doctors?
More than the Internet.

Do you consider yourself a hipster?


Do you take good care of your belongings?


Do you owe anyone?
Yes—some chewing gum and, I believe, a Barbie horse.


Do you have any brown shoes?
My Dries Van Noten shoes.


Do you wear your seat belt in a car?
Most of the time.


Do you think The Sound of Music is a fair representation of Austria?
Unfortunately not!


What makes a good dancer?
Not caring.


What makes a good reader?


And what makes a good map-reader?


The Beatles or The Stones?
The Beatles in the morning. The Stones in the evening.


Are you good at sports?
My ballet moves are not what they used to be.


Do you work hard?
I like to think so.


Do you love life?
Most of the time.


“The Beatles in the morning. The Stones in the evening.”

Are you kind?


How do you calm yourself down?
I knit.


Would you say you’ve ever caused trouble?
A couple of times.


Business or pleasure?
What do you guys always say at MARFA JOURNAL?


Palm trees or cacti?
It’s harder to kill a cactus.


Who’s your favourite ‘90s supermodel?
Karen Elson.


Who are the funniest people you know?


Do you shop in IKEA?
Eat, shop and live.

Do you consider yourself a professional of the night?
Professional by day. Creative by night.


One-piece or two-piece?
Two. My brothers will be so sad if they ever read this.


Bra or no bra?
Lately I’m not so sure.


Crunchy or smooth?
Smooth and smooth.


Who’s the most provocative lady you know?
Miss MARFA JOURNAL.  [Alexandra, that’s you.] That’s a very good thing.


What’s your favorite Disney movie?
Sorry, Walt—I prefer Astrid Lindgren.


Would you ever travel on your own?
Would I ever travel with anyone else?


Do you enjoy plane food?
I’m more into ground food.


Are you happy with your CV?
I am a a professional Miles & More collector. Who wouldn’t be happy with their qualifications when they can say that?


Are you funny?


Do you enjoy art?
A lot!


Do you have a crush on someone?


Do you want to have children?
Yes—ideally two Michelle Tanners.


Do you get on better with women or men?
I get on best with creative people.


Do you feel free?
Free as a bird.


What were you scared of as a kid?
The long, dark hallway in my parents’ apartment.

“I get on best with creative people.”

What do you do on Sundays?
Go to IKEA.


What’s your favourite body part?


What’s your most annoying habit?
That’s a question my friends can answer.


Do you vote?
Since I was sixteen.


Do you like club sandwich?
I prefer maki.


How do you take your coffee?


What freaks you out?
Slow people at the airport.


Are you a good liar?
I’d like to think I am.


Are you happy with your passport photo?
Are you serious?! Is anyone happy with theirs?


Have you ever had an Egyptian lover?
Not yet. My munchkin is Algerian though.


Have you ever had your phone stolen?
Not really. Although when I was twelve I had a loft bed, and I wanted a new phone—badly—so I dropped mine “by accident” in order to ask for a new one. It worked.

Do you think life is expensive?
Life is valuable!


Do you shop online?
No—still waiting for a credit card.


Do you think you’re on the right track?
Right track? Hardly.


Popcorn. Sweet or salty?


What colour are your bed sheets?
White. I like dark ones too though.


What’s your favourite movie without naming it?
Uma Thurman in a yellow head to toe look.


Are you single?
No, but Beyoncé has a nice song about that.


Would you date a model?
I wouldn’t like to date myself.


Would you like to be a business tycoon?