For their US launch, COS is celebrating 50 things they love about America, state by state. In the final part of a five-part installment series, we're featuring numbers 41 through 50 of their favourite objects, places, and people. See the whole series here.

41. South Dakota

Concrete Teepee

Finding a roadside teepee is not uncommon on the American interstate. However, the rest area outside Wasta, South Dakota, is unique for its concrete, linear abstraction of the traditional Native American dwelling. Mysteriously, the artist who created it remains unknown.

42. North Carolina


Haand is a ceramics studio who aim to craft sensory experiences through practical everyday design. Their 'Cloudware' collection is inspired by classic Wedgwood ceramics and the blue skies over Eli Whitney, North Carolina.

43. Idaho

Olson Kundig

Set in the remote landscape of central Idaho, 'Outpost' is a home and studio designed by Olson Sunberg Architects. Modern and stark, it was built using extra-durable concrete and plywood in order to withstand the desert's extreme weather conditions.

44. California

Alma Allen

Sculptor Alma Allen casts bowls in solid bronze at his home studio in the Southern California desert. A self-taught artist, he built his own bronze foundry, creating a forge using factory cement and an old vacuum cleaner canister.

45. Mississippi

Thomas Pearson

Photographer Thomas Pearson explores the theme of identity in the pedestrian spaces of South Mississippi. Taking the form of a visual stream of consciousness, his work seeks to capture the landscapes of his childhood memories.

46. Massachusettes

Spencer Peterman

Artisan Spencer Peterman carves bowls and boards from the discarded logs of trees. Sourced from the local woods of Western Massachusetts, his rustic, one-of-a-kind kitchenware is made from maple, cherry and black walnut.

47. North Dakota

Robb Silverson

As a large-format photographer, Robb Silverson captures the landscapes of the Northern Great Plains of Fargo, North Dakota. His practice requires working in a traditional darkroom, using various processing techniques to change the scope of his black and white film.

48. Florida

Pérez Art Museum

Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the Pérez Art Museum Miami was built to exist ‘without form’. By fluidly blending the interior and outside space, the gallery integrates its celebrated art collection with the lush vegetation and atmosphere of the city.

49. Arkansas


These giant crystal-like bookends are by design-duo Bazazas. Made from the by-product of industrial glass production, each one is unique and inspired by the "visual repertoire" of mineral-rich Arkansas.

50. Kansas

Robert Morris

Having spent his formative years studying engineering in Kansas, artist Robert Morris has since become a prominent figure in several major art movements. Working with industrial and ephemeral materials such as glass and felt, his sculptural practice focuses on concept, form and process.

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