For their US launch, COS is celebrating 50 things they love about America, state by state. In the fourth part of a five-part installment series, we're featuring numbers 31 through 40 of their favourite objects, places, and people. See the whole series here.

31. Michigan

Jack Craig

With his practice in Detroit, Michigan, designer Jack Craig is most known for his ‘Pressed’ table series using large PVC pipes. The former Navy engineer encases found slabs of stone in reheated plastic, pressing the two together.

32. Delaware

Daniel Cutrone

In his first exhibition at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Daniel Cutrone presented a series of reflective glass works that address themes of intimacy, desire and the gallery environment - blurring the line between viewer and viewed.

33. Colorado 

Clyfford Still Museum 

A leading figure in the Abstract Expressionist movement, the artworks of painter Clyfford Still were given to the city of Denver, Colorado as the permanent home of his estate. The Clyfford Still Museum now houses all 2,400 works exclusively - the collection never tours elsewhere.

34. Georgia

High Museum of Art

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia is the preeminent home of folk and self-taught art in America. Dedicated to supporting and collecting works by southern artists, it boasts over 14,000 artworks in its permanent collection.

35. Virginia

Vasse Vaught

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Vasse Vaught hand-makes architectural homes and feeders for birds using vintage machinery. The region is known for its spectacular bird population, including golden eagles, hummingbirds and mourning doves.

36. Wyoming 

Grand Prismatic Sping

A true natural wonder, the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park flows in a rainbow spectrum. It’s the only one of its kind, and releases over 500 gallons of water in a single minute.

37. New Jersey

Bubble Wrap

Discovered by inventors in New Jersey, bubble wrap was first intended to be three-dimensional wallpaper. Reinterpreted here in resin by artist Colin Roberts, the essential packing material is celebrated annually by its most dedicated fans on Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

38. New Hampshire

Louis Kahn

The Phillips Exeter Library in Exeter, New Hampshire is the largest high school library in the world. Louis Kahn designed the main lobby with huge-scale circular openings so the students would feel humbled and motivated to learn.

39. Montana

Giselle Hicks

Working from her studio in Helena, Montana, ceramicist Giselle Hicks crafts her vessels and cups by hand. Using a coil and pinch technique, the unique mottled texture on each piece reveals the artist’s fingerprints, reflecting her time, process and care.

40. Wisconsin

Frank Lloyd Wright 

Raised in Wisconsin, architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed his storied 1911 home, ‘Taliesin’, in Jones Valley. Re-built three times due to fires, Frank designed many of his most acclaimed buildings here, including Fallingwater and the Guggenheim museum.

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