For their US launch, COS is celebrating 50 things they love about America, state by state. In the third part of a five-part installment series, we're featuring numbers 21 through 30 of their favourite objects, places, and people. See the whole series here.

21. Arizona


While at home in any apartment or office the Prickly Pear Cactus is most commonly found in Tucson, Arizona. Recognized by their flat, spiked pads, they are considered a floral landmark of the Southwest.

22. Rhode Island

Meg Callahan

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Meg Callahan combines the traditional craft of wholecloth quilting with modern practice. Working to create innovative textural patterns, she finds inspiration in landscapes, keepsakes and instruction manuals.

23. South Carolina

Keith Hudson

Keith Hudson of Sailor Craft Knots, began tying knots as a pastime while working on off-shore oil rigs. Now based in Charleston, South Carolina, he creates ‘Monkey Fist’ knots professionally and is a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers.

24. Oregon

Painted Hills

The Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon were formed by volcanic eruptions over 35 million years ago. Their colourful palette is due to centuries of erosion and is today considered a geological wonderland, housing ancient fossils of early horses, camels and rhinoceros.

25. Louisiana


The View-Master was first used as a tourist attraction, depicting exotic destinations. Developed further by Charles Harrison, a Louisiana native, the stereoscopic tool became a popular children's toy, and features in the National Toy Hall of Fame.

26. Indiana

Color Fuses

‘Color Fuses’ is a legendary 27ft tall mural by Milton Glazer, commissioned for the Minton-Capehart Federal Building in Indianapolis. The blended fields of colour were intended to express 'a spirit of openness and a new sense of government’.

27. Maryland

Morgan Fischer

Artist Morgan Fischer, born in DC and based in LA, works with 1930s commercial housing paint-chips to create abstract geometric pieces. Employing a professional colour consultant, the neutral tones are arranged to create harmonious palettes.

28. Alabama

Hale County Animal Shelter

Auburn University Rural Studio designed and built the Hale County Animal Shelter in Alabama, featuring an outdoor viewing corridor, which provides natural light for the animals and offers greater exposure to the public, increasing adoptions.

29. Texas

Louis Kahn

The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, was designed by architect Louis Kahn. Its unique feature, aluminium lining around its skylights, surrounds the European art collection in a distinctive silver glow.

30. Pennsylvania

Glass Box

The ‘Glass Box’ is a versatile object commissioned by online shop Kollekt Store and created by ABJ Glassworks. Philadelphia-based designer Ashley Bram-Johnson creates pieces with the environment in mind.

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