For their US launch, COS is celebrating 50 things they love about America, state by state. In the first of a five-part series, we are featuring the first 10 of their favourite objects, places and people. See all of the series here.

1. Oklahoma

Doug Johnston

Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, artist Doug Johnston's practice focuses on coiling and stitching rope. Using ancient basket-making techniques and raw cotton, Doug creates one-of-a-kind functional and sculptural vessels.

2. New Mexico

White Sands

Found in the Tularosa Basin of New Mexico, the White Sands are vast, chalky dunes of gypsum crystal deposits. Even in the hottest summer months, the sands are cool underfoot.

3. Illinois

Mies Van Der Rohe

Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois was designed and built by architect Mies Van Der Rohe in 1951. Unprecedented in its day, the glass and steel-framed house remains one of the most famous examples of domestic modernist architecture.

4. New York

Bec Brittain

Designer Bec Brittain draws upon her background in architecture and philosophy to create sculptural lighting. Using LEDs and brass hardware, her modular designs can be reconfigured in a myriad of different ways.

5. West Virginia


Located in rural West Virginia, the Sustainability Treehouse was designed by studio Mithun as a tree-top exhibition centre and permanent home for the Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America.

6. Vermont


Simple yet ubiquitous, the spring-type clothespin was invented in Springfield, Vermont. This sculptural interpretation by Romulo Celdran shows the perfect tool for laundry in large-scale proportions and playful colours.

7. Iowa

High Trestle Trail Bridge

Iowa's High Trestle Trail Bridge crosses the Des Moines River Valley. Angled steel beams frame the bridge and recreate the experience of a coal-mine shaft, in homage to the region's once-vital industry.

8. Utah

Daniel Everett

Artist and Utah resident Daniel Everett investigates how built environments shape individual experience. In his 'Planes' series he detaches structures from their original context and superimposes them against gradient backgrounds.

9. Washington

Aleph Geddis

A native of the Pacific Northwest, sculptor Aleph Geddis grew up carving and sculpting with his boat-building stepfather. His pieces are made using traditional methods, yet take modern mathematically-inspired forms.

10. Maine

Adam Kalkin

Adriance House is a uniquely modern home designed by architect Adam Kalkin. Bold orange corrugated-metal and expansive glass walls feature in the vast interior, all formed by 12 repurposed shipping containers.

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